training: erg 30m: 7.1km; Silver Spring 43°F

Home in time to ride again so I changed and hit the road: less the 1km out it started snowing! Back to the dungeon where I was annoyed enough b the aborted ride to do a 30 minute erg. I have not done an erg that long in years and now I remember why: it is a very long way even with an iPod and a decent album to take one’s mind off the pain.

In the days when I was doing international rowing trials the qualifying distance was 8km and if one stood a chance of making the team you needed to complete the course in under 30 minutes: that meant a lot of 30 minute erg to get the mental measure of that kind of distance and time. As you see I am not the athlete I was managing a shade of 7km in the same time, but since I am not the athlete I was, and 20 years older, I feel even that distance was an accomplishment! I shall try to summon the will power to do one of these a month as a fitness guide… or maybe not!

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