training: erg 20m: 4.84km; Silver Spring 34°F

This has not been the week to start training on the bike: 48 hours of continuous snow, followed by days of thaw and freeze has created a slick, chilly landscape worthy on long johns and ski gear. But thanks to those who have already sponsored me – showing a degree of confidence in me that I am ashamed to say I did not yet have in myself – I have been inspired to make a start on the core fitness that will be required whatever form of transport the final event entails.

So I am erging in our dungeon – that is to say using our Concept II rowing machine in the basement. I bought said torture implement when we moved to York in 1995 and 13 years and two sets of AA batteries later it is has good as it was the first day I used it. It is the best all round work out and the most time efficient form of exercise I have found, so it will feature often in my training over the coming months. What is useful too is that I have been training on the erg since I was 13 years old and have very clear benchmarks for what I should be able to do on one depending on my level of fitness. In the good old days I could do 2km in 6’30” and 8km in 30′ so today’s performance is not remarkable, but I finished and can still type, and breathe for that matter, so I’ll take it!

We’ll see how I feel tomorrow…

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