week two, week three…

The past two weeks have been a blur: for a native Londoner I feel strangely discombobulated with my new surroundings: for one I have moved into a flat near Farringdon – our flat is occupied until the new year so I have opted for a serviced apartment as close to the office as I could find – and am having to track down grocery stores, dry cleaners and the other amenities of life that I would take for granted if I were in Potier Street; and, although we had offices in Covent Garden for 4 years, that was five years ago. NBC Universal has two buildings within 5 minutes walk of each other but on opposites sides of Tottenham Court Road. For my first week I was based in Prospect House and had most of my meetings in Oxford House, now I am based in Oxford House and seem to be having more meetings than expected in Prospect, plus having learned the bathroom codes and rituals of printing, coffee, shredding, faxing and phones at one location I am now going through the process a second time. Fortunately the men’s and women’s bathrooms are in the same direction in both buildings – unlike One Discovery Place in DC – so have not risked a sexual harassment suit in my second week on the job.

The job continues to be fascinating and the contacts, clients and colleagues have all been wonderful. As expected the challenge is going to be managing expectations and prioritising the work that needs to be done so as to avoid disappointing clients or undermining the case for having a team dedicated to supporting the international business. But those are good challenges to face and I am excited to start being part of the solution.

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