Titus Bicknell

Titus Bicknell (born September 24, 1971) is a technologist, co-founder of [[pink ink.]] and TheGalleryChannel.com and co-principal of Museums and the Web LLC. Apart from a fascinating stint at NBC Universal in 2007-8 working on the big screen, Titus has spent the last 10 years exploring the small screen both web and hand held. As Chief Engineer at Antenna Audio and subsequently Head of Mobile Technologies at Discovery Communications, he was fortunate to participate in ground breaking hand held projects at Tate Modern, the Louvre, Pompidou, the Intel Museum, and the Getty, among others.

As Director of Business & Production systems at Hendricks Investment Holdings, he developed production workflows for documentary and publicity programming, live sports event in-stadium broadcasting and asset optimization for mobile and portable app development, as well as overseeing the Property Management, IS and online systems for Gateway Canyons Resort, Gateway Colorado Automobile Museum and Discovery Retreats.

As Chief Engineer at MyDiscovery, a new division of Discovery Communications, Titus oversaw the inception of a community life-long learning platform that forms part of learnist through a major joint venture between Discovery and Grockit

As VP Digital Platforms and Chief Engineer at Discovery, he managed systems architecture and engineering, software architecture and back end development for Discovery’s web and mobile portfolio.

Titus is currently Lead Architect, Digital Innovation at Discovery, defining the key digital opportunities and technical requirements for the growing non-linear content and user experience.

At various times Titus has been a film maker, Latin scholar, avid cyclist and a plugin developer for the WordPress open source platform.

7 thoughts on “Titus Bicknell

  1. Lindy Willoughby

    Dropbox is a very good app and use full..I mostly believe in local storage as it is much faster than cloud..but cloud storage is also essential….

  2. Oliver


    thank you for the RSS Plugin, is it possible to hide the date in the title row completely ?



  3. Eric Oakland

    Hey Titus,

    I’m using your plugin on my wordpress site and it’s great. I have one question regarding pulling descriptions that have images. Is there a way to manipulate the image so that it floats and allows the text to wrap around it? or even to pull the description without the image if that doesn’t work?

    Really appreciate your help.


  4. Cosmin

    Hi Titus,

    Thank a lot for your plugin “Recent Changes”.
    I write you because I have a problems, that maximum 15 “last changes” entrance is not working. See an example at: http://plants.nature4stock.com/ (there are around 50 entrances there even if in that box is the value of 5).

    Thanks a lot,

  5. Purnima Gore


    Am not sure where to find this answer but hoping you can help. I am trying to reduce the amount of words (not description) within the post so people can then click on a link to read more. I didn’t really want just an RSS feed but to show some of this in the actual page.
    Hoping it is just something I have missed in the config.


  6. Thomas

    Hi Titus,

    I just downloaded your RSS in Page plugin – works great and great job!

    We publish several hospitality industry news portals (i.e. hotelnewsreosurce.com) and a few years back had our own plugin.

    We would like to use or republish your plugin with repopulated feeds from our sites.

    Is this something you could do for us?

    Kind regards, Thomas

  7. titusbicknell Post author

    can you try removing the value completely and also send me a screen shot of the widget config panel?

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